CRC Concrete Raising - Terrible customer service, did not do the job they said they would do

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We had a terrible experience dealing with this company. The quote they gave us to lift our walkway was not accurate. They came out to do the job and it could not be done for the price. It would require more material. How would we know this as consumers? Bait and Switch as far as I am concerned.

When we called to find out what the deal was, Patty Petersen was a horrific individual to deal with. I have never come across an individual such as she who could not take responsibility. Companies need to be accountable for what they agree to and complete the job as committed.

I am surprised that her husband allows her to deal with customers. He is the owner of this franchise. They should be ashamed of themselves in the way they deal with their customers.

I am not shocked that others have had similar complaints. If you continue to search for reviews on various websites, you will find many that have the same type of complaints. I only wished I had done just this before we signed a contract with them. Advise-stay away.

Review about: Customer Service.



We don't know how to respond to someone that hides behind fake names and won't ID themselves. All we can assume it that once again we have a competitor bad mouthing our company and me.

This particular person keeps popping up on various posting boards over the last couple of months - here he/she is Mary Illinois, another posting is by Sally S., etc. The postings have been removed several times - I assume by the board that it is posted on - so the name changes and the posting reappears. Please note that we deal with approximately 900 customers each year. We realize that no matter how hard we try - and we try extremely hard - we can't please everyone.

And we can't protect ourselves from anonymous postings. But, please note that we have an A rating on the BBB and on Angie's List. We were chosen to be in the Best Picks / Ebsco books throughout Chicagoland. (A company canno apply or pay to be in Best Pick!) We are approved members of NARI - National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

We run a good, fair and honest business with good hard working people working for us.

Our services are top notch. Please feel free to call us and see if we might be able to help you with your concrete raising, foundation repair/waterproofing and concrete repair needs.

CRC Concrete Raising of Illinois, Wheeling, IL

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On April 12, 2010, after raising the concrete in our driveway, CRC Concrete left most of their "slurry" on our grass. This company is accredited with BBB and they shouldn't be.

They did not take my concerns seriously when I called and complained and waited until I told them I had taken pictures before they did anything about it. And even then, the grass will not be the same. It was a mess. Anyone who was thinking about raising the conrete on their driveway, don't use this company.

No one even apologized for the mess or our inconvenience and even the President, Paul Petersen, did not return my phone call. (He was the one who came out initially to get our business). Instead he had someone call me to tell me they were coming out to clean it up.

It took 5 more days for them to do that but,as I said, the area where the mess was "spilled"? will have to be replaced.

Review about: Concrete Raising.



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What work did you have done by them? Nothing went wrong when you used this company?

I'm still looking for a company becuase I desire a company that will get the job done correctly. I have read mixed reviews about this one, and I'm looking at several others.


If you pay attention to this Batson lady your nuts this is a great company caring owners great staff very professional ive used them and MRS BATSON if it is sinking call them you get a 4YEAR WARRANTY ..BUT i think your just saying it sinking to once again complain about something stop being a basher and a debbie downer and relax a bit because if you stop whining you will get more in life because noone wants to deal with a mean complainer!!!!!!!!!!!


Mrs. Batson you take care of issues privtely with the companies not bash them on line till they go out of business you are messing with peoples lively hoods your a horrible cold hearted woman stop complaining about everything.

Being nice gets you what you want. no need to be a brat


Thank you very much! I'm still looking around.

I think I will pass on this company. I hope that your problems will be fixed soon too.


Another thing I just noticed that our front stoop that was raised in now sinking again so I would definitely not use CRC Concrete Raising. Again, good luck.


Thank you very much for your advice. I truely appreciate it.


If I were you I would research another company other than this one. They do not like complaints, period.

They're too busy trying to get new business that they don't pay attention to the customers they have and what they are trying to tell them. Especially the co-owner, Patty Petersen. Totally unprofessional.

I would never recommend this company to anyone. Good luck.


I do have to admit, the part about "doing what she does best, complain online", was highly unprofessional. They may be a good company and be represented poorly in this review (or represented as they truely are, I wouldn't know and it is not my judgement to make), but adding little childish digs is unprofessional, let's act our age.


In your first complaint, you said 5 days and then in your response you said 7 days. Your story is chaning, or maybe I miss understood.

Also, couldn't you just rinse the slurry away? Or does it harden or something? I've never had experience with this so I was just wondering.

I am also looking for someone to rise the concrete of my drive way. Any advice would be incredibly helpful!


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And another thing I want to address regarding the online complaint dig, that if companies would take responsibility for their actions, even after the work is done, then people like us would not have to write complaints. And I will say that before "John" came out I had lodged a complaint with the BBB, but when he was here and he seemed really apologetic for what happened, I went in and removed it.

He told me that he had been "training" a new crew and that was how this "slurry" ended up on the grass. Patty Petersen and her husband could take a page out of his book.


As usual, another response from a company not willing to take responsibility for their actions. And as usual, they try to make it sound like the customer's fault that they made a mistake.

Even when "John" came out to check on the ground (seven days later), even he said that it was quite a mess and it was a mess - not just a little but a large area. He even said that Patty Petersen is a little insensitive to complaints like this as she thinks that they are trying to get money taken off the invoice. I paid my bill. I told John this wasn't about money but customer service and the fact that they still are not acknowledging their fault in this, even though I'm sure John reported back to them, tells you a lot about their company.

This is a family run business, so like family, their covering each other's back, whether they should or not. A simple sorry would have sufficed.


Dear Upset Customer: CRC Concrete Raising of Illinois prides ourselves on terrific work, best warranty in the industry, and outstanding customer service. Per my discussion with Mrs.

early this spring, we agreed to honor a year and a half old estimate. Mrs. was specifically asked if anything changed since the assessment and estimate were performed. She assured me that nothing had changed.

When the crew arrived, the concrete pad had sunk an additional 6-8" since our area manager had been out for the original assessment. Per the contract, the price was based on a 2" maximum. As I explained to Mr. the day after the crew was out and refused the job, the price with the additional drop would be more in the range of $1200+.

If Mrs. had been honest with me when she called to discuss getting the work done, the whole situation would have been handled differently. This is exactly why we have a contract in place that lays everything out. A contract to raise a pad 2" is much different that raising something 8".

As for the 2 month delay, we do not raise concrete until the snow and frost in the ground are completely gone. This year we did not start raising concrete until early April. And we take customers in the order in which they submit the signed agreement. Mr.

and Mrs. did not submit their agreement until March 2010.

We actually moved them ahead of many of are other customers to try and accomodate their schedule. AS they say "No good deed goes unpunished!".


The crew of CRC Concrete Raising of Illinois did a supurb job of raising, leveling and stabilizing Mrs. Batson's concrete.

A small amount of our sand/clay/cement slurry remained on a very small area of her property after the crew completed the job and cleaned up. The area was an area of the Batson's property with very thin grass. The sand, clay and cement mixture did not wash down in that area (settled into the dirt)and when everything is wet (we constantly wash down the cement and surrounding areas as we work)it is hard to see if anything remains. The Batson's approved the work and clean-up, wrote the crew a check and the crew was on their way.

2 days later Mrs. Batson called to let us know that there was some slurry on her grass. She offered to send a picture - which she did. And we told her that all that needed to be done was to wash down the slurry and that we would send someone out.

Within 5 days, one of our crew members washed down the slurry. Please note that Mrs. Batson told him that she did what she does best - complain on line. This appears to be the norm for Mrs.

Batson. CRC did not at any time ignore the Batson's. I spoke to Mrs. Batson 3 times in two days regarding her complaint.

She offered to send the pictures then admitted that she had problems with her camera and then her computer. CRC took care of the Batson's very prompty and professionally.

Had either of the Batsons or a crew member seen the slurry in the grass (very little and hard to see when wet)it would have been removed immediately. Even the Batson's didn't notice it for 2 days after work was completed.


The only way to fight companies like this is to complain, complain, complain. They're accredited with BBB so I intend to go on the website and enter a complaint. Maybe the more customers like us do that, the more it will hurt their business.


We first had CRC come out to give us a bid last spring. We decided to wait on the project.

We are having a hot tub installed on April 20 and needed our patio leveled. My husband called Patricia, who was our sales person and she said they would use last years same price of $440 and didn't need to come take a look at it. We sent a contract in and it took two months to finally get on their schedule even though they knew we needed this done soon and called every week to see where we were on their schedule. Finally we get an appointment on April 13.

They were suppose to be here by 1 to 3 pm. At 5 pm with a no show I called and talked to our sales person and she said they had truck trouble and would still be coming out. I think they should of called us to inform us instead of me calling them.

Finally at 7:20 pm they show up. The gentleman in charge comes to take a look at it and says this is not a $440 job and he needs to call his boss.

My husband gets on the phone with the boss and says what about our contract? The contract is useless because they can cancel at any time. The guy in charge measures our patio and claims it is 10 inches off. It would really cost $1500 to do and his boss said to walk off the job and leave us.

Personally, they had 20 minutes of daylight and couldn't of done the job anyway. They knew we had the hot tub coming and really put us in a jam.

We measures the patio ourself and found out it was 6 inches off. Even if they bid the job wrong, they should of held to their contract.

Would not recommend this company to anyone.

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